Saturday , 20 December 2014

Crazy looking girl won the heart of judges

A girl looks like crazy by her actions and her talking style. First judges treat her like a crazy girl and make fun but when he start sings a song, it was amazing, she had beautiful voice, that makes judges to give her ticket. Very amazing voice, watch this video.


  1. she is manic

  2. wht u say psychologists ?

  3. wowww she is soo innocent and cute!!!! <3 khush rho hamesha isi tarehh!!!

  4. lol u getting jealous!! accept it!! :D what u say psychologists?? :D :D

  5. u r not psychologist so me not discus with u ok …

  6. Barira Khan take it easy!!!! I am a psychologist!! ::D

  7. Mashallah her voice is super and she is innocent personalty esi hai aur dua karon ga esi hi rahe chullbulli

  8. O.M.G……………….so cute so nice

  9. judges sy achi voice ha :)

  10. zaheeer bahi ki ye wife hai

  11. hahahhahah

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