Thursday , 18 December 2014

Dance party in Multan on Happy New Year

Dance party in Multan on Happy New Year. Is this our culture? The good thing is police raid on the spot but party management try to make this issue as political revenge, which is totally wrong.


  1. kanger Party k Kanger supports

  2. is mulak me ab reh kya gaya he aik yehi to kaam hote hain khushi aur shok se neki aur swab samajh ke ,, fahashi be-hayai ki aaj inteha ho gayi he ,, na to mardon ko koi sharm o haya he aur na hi aurton ko ,,, west ka har galat kaam ab is mulak me khule aur sar e aam hota he ,, co-education wale taleemi idhare badkari ke adhe ban gaye hain sex club ban gaye hain ,, lanat he aisi boys girls par jo acha insaan na ban sake acha musalaman na ban ske jo taleem hasal kr ke deen se door ho jayen ikhllq se aari ho jayen ,,, co-education ne no umar aur jawan larkey larkiyon ko tabah o barbad kr dia he ,,,,

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