Thursday , 18 December 2014

Indian Girl attacked with Hot water due to unfriend his boyfriend

Indian Girl attacked with Hot water due to un-friend his boyfriend.Muzaffarpur, Jan 3: Little did this Class 8 girl know that deleting a boy from her friend list on Facebook could turn fatal. On Wednesday, a 12th grade boy threw boiling water on the face of this girl just because she deleted him from her friend list. The boy, who used to take tuitions from the girl’s father, threw boiling water on her face while she was at home. She received serious burn ijuries on the right side of her face.


According to the police, the girl’s father used to give tuitions to the boy. During this period, both of them got to know each other and became friends. However the girl, sensed something fishy and distanced herself from the boy by deleting him from her friend list. Unable to take the rejection, the boy snuck into the girl’s house on Wednesday and poured boiling water on her face. She was immediately rushed to the hospital where she is currently being treated. On the other hand, the boy has been missing ever since the incident. The police raided his house in Patepur, but he could not be traced.

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