Lahore Gang rape Exclusive Program by Sar e Aam 18th Jan


lahore gang rape case covered by sare aam team on 18 January girl black malid by dear ones and ask for sex again and again finally she decide to get rid off this shit she connect to sare aam team than what happened see this watch this video .

Sar e Aam – 18th January 2014 by zargham-hyder-9

  1. Shaukat Khan
  2. Faizan Rasool Faizi
  3. Malikishaq Jani
  4. Abdul Rahaman
  5. Ummar Waqar Ch
  6. AteEq ShEikh
  7. AteEq ShEikh
  8. AteEq ShEikh
  9. Khizer Khan
  10. Wajid Malik
  11. Fà'ĩzăŋ M'ĩrzá

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