Tuesday , 23 December 2014

Mathira Hot Dance Anar Kali Disco Song

Mathira Hot Dance Anar Kali Disco Song


  1. Wow.. She's a good dancer. (y)

  2. Pir Mohammad Asif Sarhandi

    WA PAKISTANI MEDIA WA, WE ARE FLYING, SHAME SHAME ON, Ham ko Allah ko merke moe nahi dekana hi, raham farma de Ammen/.

  3. kiya yes pakistani culture hai , aaj kal her morning show mai yehi kuch chal raha hai kiya iss ka koi maqsad hai , please stoped programe,

  4. BitCh

  5. t.v bnd kr do tusi vi dekdy ho

  6. yah dance naeh kuch or dekha rahi hai ankhay khool key dekho zara.

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  8. o gadhhy tujhe kese pata

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