Monday , 22 December 2014

Miracle of Allah in Nepal, Amazing

Miracle happens for As the mosque was constructed, at that moment of Tomb placement at Turret of Mosque it needs a Crane. Allah’s Miracle Happens, the tomb rise to sky in front of people there
and fitted at his place correctly.[SBHAN ALLAH]



  2. How insane can human beings get?!! How is that stupid robotomized like thing an angel?! What is an angel? How can one even tell that something is an angel? Can't an angel really be more smart and try not to look like that or move like that?

  3. Angel ni masjid ka minar/gunbad tha

  4. Why do some muslims portray such dumbness that other cultures have a good laugh at their expense? Please pursue worldly education as well as deeni, so we muslims don't
    become the laughing stock of the century!

  5. سبحان الله

  6. If these people saw a real angel, they would shit their pants. I have never seen such rubbish!

  7. Allah Iz gr8

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