Wednesday , 23 July 2014

Sar e aam Team on Mezaar e Qaid


sare a aam team visited Mezaar e Qaid to expose there Scandals and what going on Mezzar e Qaid the send there team to take One room for date , what happened next watch this video

Facebook Video

Playwire Video

4 People Gang Raped a Girl at Mazar-e-Quaid… by amanasif737



  1. lanat ho sindh government per sarai dalal hain

  2. i dont understand why every bad thing happens only in Pakistan…

  3. lanat ho us admi per jo aisa kam kar raha hai or sindh haqumat per or iqrar hassain per fakhar hai

  4. samnay qabar hy, aur pher bhe dil me dar nhe …. uffff

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