Thursday , 18 December 2014

Us Pop Star Jennifer Grout converts to Islam

A 23-year-old American singer, well-known for her pitch-perfect execution of Arab classics notwithstanding not knowing the language, seems to have accepted the faith in a YouTube video released on Sunday. The video has her stating the shahada – otherwise known as the declaration of faith – in front of two men where she states: “There is no God but Allah and Muhammad is His Prophet.” While the video remains to be confirmed by Grout, the Moroccan news website Morocco World News confirmed the video was recorded in Fes, where Grout presently resides, studying the Arabic language; the young man beside her is guessed to be her fiance.* The news caps a rapid five months which saw the Bostonian reach the Arabs Got Talent finale in December after a series of soothing covers of the legendary Arab song birds Umm Kalthoum and Fairuz. Speaking exclusively to The National after bending out of the competition, Grout said she planned to spend the time after the show expecting her future. “I don’t know yet,” she said. “I am now just enjoying these moments and later I will sit down and think of what to do next.” – Watch this video.

US Pop Star Jennifer Grout Embraced Islam… by yaseen4323


  1. masha ALLAH tilawat bohat pyari ki hai
    ALLAH sabit qadmi ata farmaye imaan par Aameen

  2. I dont know why, but I find video bit fishy…


    Good tHink…

  5. allah bless u but why that girl no hijab ?

  6. greatttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt subhanallah

  7. masha allah revert to thi islam

  8. MASHALLAH tilawat to bht achi ki hai pr hijab k baghair?

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